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REITPAC supports the political process to ensure that the collective voice of the REIT and publicly traded real estate industry is heard by lawmakers as they consider policies that will affect our business in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is REITPAC?
REITPAC is the Political Action Committee (PAC) sponsored by Nareit. PACs are authorized by law to provide members of organizations a way to jointly pursue concerns and defend mutual interests by legally pooling their contributions to support candidates for political office.
How can you help REITPAC?
The most important thing you can do right now is fill out a REITPAC PAF. Then, we can explain the benefits of contributing to REITPAC in greater detail. Federal law stipulates that REITPAC can only solicit and accept individual (i.e. personal) contributions or contributions from other Political Action Committees – and we do so after you return the form. Rest assured that this form only gives us permission to tell you more about REITPAC. It does not obligate you or your employees in any way.
What is a Prior Approval Form (PAF)?
Trade associations are required by federal election law to obtain permission from their corporate members before they can ask executives and administrative personnel working for the corporate member for financial support. Before employees of a corporate member can be asked to contribute to REITPAC, a REITPAC PAF must be signed by a representative of the corporate member company. Signing a PAF is only a formality, allowing REITPAC to communicate with you, and does not obligate you in any way.
Who Can Contribute to REITPAC?
Any U.S. resident or green card holder can voluntarily contribute to a political action committee.
How Much Can I Contribute?
There is no minimum contribution; however, federal law limits individual contributions to $5,000 per individual per calendar year. (A husband and wife each have separate $5,000 limits). Even if you have contributed to other PACs, you are still eligible to contribute up to $5,000 to REITPAC. Federal law requires REITPAC to report the name, address, occupation and name of employer of each individual who contributes more than $200 in a calendar year.
Can I Do More?
Yes, you can also encourage your managerial employees/colleagues to contribute to REITPAC. If your firm is a corporation or LLC, however, you must first submit a Prior Authorization Form before soliciting your employees to contribute to REITPAC. Companies can only grant prior authorization to only one trade association per year, however. Partnerships do not need to submit a Prior Authorization Form. Companies may grant prior authorization to only one trade association per year.
Can My Employees Participate?
If your firm is a sole proprietorship, partnership or LLP, your employees may voluntarily contribute to the REITPAC. If your firm is a corporation or an LLC that has elected to be treated as a corporation, before you and your employees can contribute to the REIT PAC, you must complete a Prior Authorization Form. For more information, click here.
What Are the Acceptable and Unacceptable Forms of Payment?
Corporate Checks: Not Allowed.
Credit Cards: Personal credit cards can be used to make donations.
Can I make a pledge and send in monthly payments?
What if I already gave to another PAC?
There is no prohibition against giving to multiple PACs. Even if you have contributed to other PACs, you are still eligible to contribute up to $5,000 to REITPAC.
Are Donations Tax-Deductible?
No.  Political contributions are not tax-deductible.
If I give to REITPAC, am I restricted from also giving to candidates running for office?

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For any questions about REITPAC or the CLC Program, please contact Steven Lowery, Nareit's Director, REITPAC & Political Outreach at slowery@nareit.com or 202-739-9436.